flygerrys has been organized to meet all ground handling needs of an airline company, namely Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Cargo and Mail Services, Communication Services, Flight Operation / Load Control, Representation and Supervision Services. Today, flygerrys holds a portfolio of select customers consisting of more than 100 airlines whose names are associated with quality all across the world. Aiming at improving its service quality and customer satisfaction continuously, flygerrys carries out its operations with the awareness of its position as a responsible and important service provider to airlines at respective airports.

 خوش خبری

 تمام شاگردان گرامی  فارغ تحصیل صنف دوازده (12) و فارغ تحصیل پوهنتون میتواند به درس های (پیلوتی) (انجنری)( عملیاتی پرواز) مهمان داران پرواز) (کارگو) سیکیورتی(ترافیک میدان ) و خدمات میدان ) با اسناد معتبر   آروپای انجام دهد 
کورس های فوق در آروپا به ستندرد بین المللی انجام میگردد

جهت داخله و خدمات ویزه کورس های مذکور به آدرس ذیل مراجعه نماید

داودزی سنتر بل مقابل گلبهار سنتر جهاراجی ملک اصغر 

منزل تحتانی  دفتر خدمات ویزه جری

دفترنزد آمارات رستورانت  B-311 


E- ceo@flygerrys.com



Our Services

The service ground handling includes ramp services, passenger handling, cargo handling and security services

Aircraft Maintenance Services 91%
Cargo Handling Services 87%
A/C Fueling Services 93%
Ramp Handling Services 93%
Fueling Facility Management 98%
Ground Service Equipment Maintenance Services 96%